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Shadowforged is a painting software for individual/multiply images that put their layers in a formation that works well with rocks, grass and things like that. You can import any image to Shadowforge and draw with it. Don't feel much creative and layering stuffs? Let Shadowforge do the job!

Shadowforged Alpha v0.7 is ready for download here if you want to test it out. I'm curious to know what you can make with it.

How it works:

Press Space to add an image.

Press button "S" to save your file to any folder.

Mouse scroll to zoom in or out.

Hold Left Mouse button + ctrl to pan the camera.

Hold Left Mouse button to draw freely.

Press Right Mouse button to stamp.

You draw shadows and clear assets with Right Mouse Button and you draw shadows above the assets with middle mouse button.

When you press button E, you will switch room to a docker that shows all the files you have opened. By right clicking an image file, you can continue drawing with that file like you did before.

Press Z to undo and R to redo.

Hold down Left Mouse Button and Enter to draw your brush stroke with a HSV color, switch color if needed. You can see what color you have picked from the color indicator on the top screen.

Hold down the enter button on the tile text and right mouse button on the canvas to tile horizontally and vertically, and the void will be filled with a horizontally or vertically scaled image of your image.  Don't zoom out too far or it will look weird when you do this.

If you press H you flip the image horizontally. If you press ctrl + H you flip it back.

If you press V you flip the image vertically. If you press ctrl + V you flip it back.

These are layers but I call them "depths". And there are 5 different depths. You change the depth by pressing the left and right arrow keys.

I've made Shadowforge open source. Take a look here: https://github.com/miblient/shadowforge


Install instructions

Just unzip it and play it.


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